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how to test yeast?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:20 pm
by rastoma
I recently received my new pack of caps and yeast. I've had a bottle of ez caps yeast for 7+ years not refrigerated. I'm sure it's bad but just for fun I thought I'd try it and see as I lost my caps during a move and haven't made anything with ez caps in years.

Well as expected after 24 hours there was no activity with the basic Welch's canned concentrate. So I added some of the new yeast I just received with my caps. But after 24 hours there's still no activity.

Then I took 2 clean cups, added some sugar and water then sprinkled some of each, old and new yeast, in their own cups. 12 hours later they look the same.

The room the 2 liter is in is 72F. The plain water and sugar used as a test was barely warm, maybe 80F.

Since its been such a long time since I've fermented anything, am I just not waiting long enough?