Slush recipe

Slush recipe

Postby saramc » Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:41 am

Wine Slush Mix- dry package mix

This is based on a 750ml bottle of your favorite wine. Sweet or semi-sweet is favored.
You will need one canister of your favorite lemonade powder drink mix and another container of instant tea drink mix.

Pour 750ml of your preferred wine into a zipstyle bag, add using the empty wine bottle and 1/2 bottle of water.
Per canister directions, add enough lemonade powder to make 2 quarts.
Add enough instant tea mix to make 1 quart.
You can substitute the lemonade with sugar based limeade, or even a sugar based "orange-ade".You can play around with the sugar free varieties....just be sure to use the equivalent of 2 quart citris base and 1 quart tea base.
Seal the zipstyle bag well, and shake bag gently, kneading with your hands to ensure all ingredients have dissolved.

Place in freezer for about 6 hours.
Prior to serving, allow to sit at room temp for 10-15 minutes.
Serve in glass of your choice. Can be topped off with lemon-lime soda for a spritzer, or eat as is for a tasty frozen treat.

Some flavor combos:
sweet red wine, lemonade powder and raspberry flavored tea mix
sweet white wine, limeade powder and lemon flavored tea mix
Dessert raspberry, lemonade powder, and raspberry flavored tea mix
Dessert blueberry, lemonade powder, and lemon flavored tea mix (serve in a hollowed out lemon half, which has been frozen)

I would suspect you could make a cider slush, look for apple flavored drink powder, etc.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy...Sara
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