beer recipe question

beer recipe question

Postby ezcaps » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:40 am

Question: i would like to make beer with the kit how much hopped malt extract syrup should i use for 6 2litre bottles and how much yeast do i need to use?

Answer: Although the instructions that come with the kit state to add 1/4 the malt extract syrup can per 2 liter bottle, there is no need to be exact. For 6 2 liter bottles (3 gallons) you could either one whole can for a weaker beer, two cans for a stronger beer, or a can and a half for "normal" beer. As far as yeast goes, those cans come with their own yeast and that is what you should use. Just distribute the yeast that comes with the cans into your 2-liter bottles.
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