All grain brewing

All grain brewing

Postby melkor » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:00 am

Would it be possible (advisable) to do an all grain beer recipe with ezcaps? I have some glass 1 gallon fermenters (which are filled with fermenting beer right now), but I want to make more beer! :D Would you use 2 liters (with ez caps as an airlock) for a fermenter? For my 1 gallon glass fermenters I've had to use a blow-off tube because the fermentation was very vigorous (foam and what not was flowing into the tube for at least 24 hours straight), I worry that the ez caps my get clogged from excessive krausen or at least make a mess. Does anyone have experience with this? For a recipe I'm thinking something basic like 2lbs pale two-row, some bittering hops, and half a packet of munton's dry yeast (for 4liters).
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